Final Sight


The battle between a camel and the end of the world



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Final Sight is a simple platformer where you play a camel who, using her camel weapons, has to fight an evil creature threatening to kill all forms of life on Earth.

The gameplay is really simple. The creature with the giant eye moves slowly upward, making the ground disappear. Your aim is to go up with it, while you try to make bombs that fall from the sky bounce off your hump and hit the giant eye.

When you get five bombs to hit the giant eye, you win the game. This isn't easy, though, since controlling the camel can be a bit imprecise, and a single slip can make you fall into the void. In which case you obviously have to start over from the beginning.

Final Sight is a really simple and entertaining platform game. The crazy idea behind it, as well the graphics, are its two strong points.
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